How to use the CROWDDESIGN Engine

The CROWDDESIGN Engine has two tools

The Crowdlicit tool facilitates conducting elicitation and identification studies online and in-lab.

The Crowdsensus tool facilitates the analysis of elicitation and identification study results using crowds and Machine learning.

How to Use the Crowdlicit Tool

Read Ali et. al's paper about the Crowdlicit tool

How to use the Crowdsensus tool

Read Ali et. al's paper about the Crowdsensus tool

Step 1. Create a study

Step 2. Add symbols grouped by referents

Option 1: Import referents and their symbols from a Crowdlicit study you have created

Option 2: Upload symbols manually

Step 3. Select the number of symbols presented for similarity in a given task

Step 4. Select the number of tasks a crowd worker would need to do

Step 5. Deploy the Crowdsensus study on your favorite task crowdsourcing platform to collect symbol-similarity votes

Step 6. Cluster the your symbols based on the similarity votes you have collected from crowd workers using the Crowdsensus machine learning clustering tool

Here's an overview of how the Crowdsensus process works.

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The Basics

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The Process

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