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What is Distributed Interaction Design?

Distributed Interaction Interaction Design (DXD) is an interaction design approach that puts the end-user in the driver seat of designing future technologies. This approach builds on Wobbrock et al.’s end-user elicitation method, and extends it to evaluate the user-generated designs.

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The Science

The end-user elicitation method for designing interactions is heavily used in the field of Human-Interaction design with over 1000 citations and over 200 published scientific studies utilizing the method to design interactions for touch surfaces, smart T.V.’s, augmented and virtual reality environments, drones, and robots.

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What is the CROWDDESIGN Engine?

The CROWDDESIGN Engine is a online platform that allows interactive system creators to conduct end-user elicitation and identification studies on a global scale, and analyze the results efficiently using machine learning algoritms.

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Online Platform

Access your studies anywhere anytime.


Securely lock your studies, and allow only certain people to access it.


Participants can use either their desktop computers or mobile devices to propose interactions.

Machine Learning

Utilizing online crowds and machine learning algorithms to analyze the results of elicitation studies 4X faster than expert researchers.


Go beyond raw data, and get to know your participants by adding survey links to your studies.



Research Studies